Northern California Speakers
     This is the repository for the monthly education sessions, and some of
the MasterMind sessions, made available to all members of NSA, and their friends!
This is an official offering of the NSA Nor Cal Chapter of NSA.
The sessions are the 3rd Sunday (MasterMind) and the 4th Saturday (training),
Oct 2020 - Oct 2021, at 4PM.
The Zoom Link:

Oct 2020 - Jenny de St. Georges (The 17 point speaker program)

Nov 2020 - Joanne French (email marketing jumpstart)

Dec 2020 - Wanda Allen (Follow-up strategies to get more clients and close sales)

Jan 2021 - Arvee Robinson (Your message matters)

Feb 2021 - Leisa Reid (Book your virtual talk like a boss)

Mar 2021 - Steve Budd (Origin stories - the heart of your marketing message)

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April 18 - Mastermind led by Sheryl Roush

April 24 - Diana Concoff Morgan (The powerful strategy to catapult results)

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Chat from the session

May 22 2021 - Gary McKinsey: Keys to developing an effective marketing plan

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Jun 2021 - Deborah Hoffman (Authentic Sales Formula - Get more YESSES without being salesy)

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The Zoom sessions schedule

July 24, 2021 - Janice Litvin and Dan Janal (Publish your first book, and more!)

Aug 2021 - Nancy Giere (Build your training program)

Sep 2021 - Bridget Brady: Speakers and Social Media. The need, the power, the process!

THREE Videos from the session.

WHO is Bridget Brady and WHY you should LISTEN to her!

The TRAINING Session.

Training session Q&A, and the BIG Offer.

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