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About Aurora Bataclan
     Aurora Bataclan is the Corporate Compliance Officer and Facilities
     Director for a Federally Qualified Health Center. She holds Bachelor's
     Degrees in both Computer Science and Nursing and has had the pleasure
     of working in the technology sector as web developer, systems and
     application security engineer; then, later on as a registered nurse.
     Through it all she has held on to a love of learning and creating new
     experiences, and in 2013 her path led her to Healthcare Corporate
     Compliance, where she immediately fell in love with the constant and
     ever-evolving flow of information – much like drinking from a waterfall!
     Aurora loves to share her knowledge and experience because she sees
     information as valuable currency that, when applied, can lead to greater
     ease, efficiency and clarity.

  • Products and Services
    • Training - How to Open and Run a CLEAN business in the CoVID-19 era!
    • Consulting on Compliance in Healthcare
    • Speaking - Keynote and Breakout sessions
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      TheRight Mindset Can Save Your Life - Surviving the Age of COVID-19

      Train To Be Your Best - How to Get the Most Out of Staff Training

      How Covid-19 Really Spreads, and What You Can Do About It.
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