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     I work with speakers that have accepted a speaking gig
     and do NOT want their presentation to suck!

    About Chuck Hooper
     Chuck Hooper is recognized for his expertise in the business intelligence
     consulting world, and now concentrates on speaking, coaching and writing.
     Over five decades his work in business intelligence included
     the analysis, design, implementation, training and support of business
     intelligence and decision support system environments over many
     engagements for big name companies. His current speaking
     engagements encompass presentation skills, visual analytics,
     storytelling, critical thinking, and his signature speaking
     program Defeating the Impostor Syndrome.

  • Products and Services
    • Speaker / Presenter Coaching. Individual and groups!
    • Speaker on multiple topics
    • A fun grandpa
  • Videos of Chuck in Action

      Video below from 2018 Stanford Head & Neck Patient Education Day

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